Energy Management / Energy Efficiency

Controlling consumption is vital for appropriate energy management of energy supplies. Obtaining values for our energy demand, power or reactive energy values, means we can control and undertake actions for more efficient energy management for supplies.

Telemetry Service:

Following the electricity market liberalisation, major consumers must install telemetry equipment with time registers. At TREBOL ENERGIA, we propose exploiting this resource to benefit consumers themselves.

The distribution company supplies electric energy to the point of consumption, generating data, which are recorded in the measuring equipment. We have a measurement concentrator able to read the consumption data directly from the counter.

After analysing and computer processing the measuring equipment data, customers will have all the information in an orderly manner, obtaining a parallel invoice verification reading.

This service allows our customers to obtain the following competitive advantages:

  • Memory storage of the real measuring data for verification, control, claims, etc.
  • Preventative control of the power and reactive excesses on their installations to prevent invoicing overruns.

  • Access to hourly and quarter-hourly information on a daily basis, which allows consumption to be known and valuable information to be extracted.
  • Power cuts record, stating the time of the power cut.
  • Independent control of the energy invoiced by the marketing company and supplier.

Energy efficiency:

We are committed to providing an excellent service for energy efficiency studies and proposals. We streamline energy efficiency by providing a high level of performance, eliminating undesired consumption and the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions. The ultimate goal is a reduction in the invoice.

No company can ignore the benefits of energy efficiency and their responsibilities: reducing energy consumption not only allows energy costs to be lowered, it also limits the negative environmental effects of abusive energy consumption.

At TRÉBOL ENERGÍA, we advise our customers in each implementation stage:

  1. Analysis and evaluation of the tenders received
  2. Validation of the contractual clauses
  3. Results report
  4. Choice by the customer