Trebol Team

Who we are

TRÉBOL ENERGÍA is one of the leading energy consultants in Spain. Managing over €300 million in energy turnover, helping companies, multinationals and public administrations with electricity and gas supplies in Spain, France and Portugal, to manage their energy acquisition as efficiently as possible.

At TRÉBOL ENERGÍA, we design tailor-made solutions to guarantee the best energy management results, from the purchase to the cost-saving measures or the control and auditing of invoicing. We want to be your energy partner, the reliable expert advising you at all times about the best solutions for your needs.

We offer services for marketing companies and energy generators, from their creation, to total outsourcing, in each stage of the sale and generation process.

Our Background

TRÉBOL ENERGÍA was founded in 2013, the product of the entrepreneurial spirit of three youngsters with over 10 years of experience in the energy sector. Albert Oliva, Rafael Alcalà and Josep Graell had worked together in one of the leading sector multinationals, where they acquired extensive knowledge of the electricity, natural gas and energy efficiency markets.

In light of market liberalisation and the energy sector changes, they believed that energy consumers needed external professional help to manage increasingly complex energy. They decided to offer a more intensive and consistent consultancy service, becoming a partner for their customers.

In 2016, after the merger with Control Energía Europea, TRÉBOL ENERGÍA become one of Spain’s leading consultants, combining extensive sector experience with a new modern and flexible vision of energy purchasing. In 2016, the company also received the Sant Joan Despí Corporate Social Responsibility award, highlighting their record and entrepreneurial spirit.

The company currently has an extensive multi-disciplinary team with over 20 experts at the service of customers.

Josep Graell
Josep Graell
Founder & Operations and Technical Manager
Albert Oliva
Albert Oliva
Founder & Markets and consultancy Manager
Rafael Alcalà
Rafael Alcalà
Founder & Strategy and Business Development Manager