Monthly invoicing audit

The need to attain excellence in energy management, along with reducing costs, make the invoice simulation service a highly useful solution.

Through the use of specific computer solutions during the first three working days of each month, customers have a detailed invoice simulation that the marketer will then send. This allows the consumption status and invoices for multi-supplies to be controlled and managed in a centralised manner.

We offer 100% peace of mind by detecting potential invoicing errors, including:

  • Reading and measurement errors
  • Incorrect energy prices
  • Repetition of concepts
  • Errors in applying regulatory changes
  • Errors when renting the measuring equipment
  • Reviewing power and reactive excesses

If any differences are detected, we handle a claim with the marketing company and monitor it until a solution is found. The detailed invoice audit allows all price components to be understood.


An example of a simulated invoice prepared by TRÉBOL ENERGÍA

The experience and the tools we've developed allow comprehensive electricity and gas invoicing management services to be offered. This service ensures correct invoicing by the energy companies.

Our invoice validation service ensures:

  • Peace of mind: We send the simulated invoice in the first three working days of each month, ensuring an exact forecast of the invoice to be received.
  • Security: We guarantee the accuracy of the invoice received, obtain a direct counter reading, and check each invoice term.
  • Centralised management: We carry out the management necessary to control and streamline our customers’ invoicing, thus freeing them from any energy management burden. This will centralise all supply invoicing independently and efficiently.