Management of Electricity and Natural Gas Marketing Companies

We offer services to electric and natural gas marketing companies from their foundation, managing each stage of the marketing process, from the business plan to daily operation and supply.

We currently have an extensive customer portfolio already enjoying a professional, top quality service, having outsourced the operation and back office management for marketing.

TRÉBOL ENERGÍA has management software for managing electricity, gas and direct consumer marketers. The different stages of the process TREBOL ENERGIA provides coverage are:

  • Preparation of the business plan and economic and financial feasibility study
  • Define operating cash flow forecasts and financial needs in the guarantees for system operators and the market
  • Documentation preparation
  • Administrative processing of the marketing registration

  • Developing the different marketing company management areas
  • Technical training for operators, admin and managers from the marketing company
  • Continuous training for management


In this phase, we oversee all administrative management through energy management software, including from communications with the suppliers to the issue of the monthly invoice.


In the energy management phase, we outsource OMIE market purchasing, measurement management, deviations control, portfolio management, liquidations and marketing trading.

We outsource the professional operations tasks with the market to give customers 100% peace of mind.

We also provide the necessary advice for purchasing futures (OMIP/OTC) and GDOs.


Our management consulting service provides the option of maintaining direct contact with the marketing company management, helping the energy business strategy in decision-making, in choosing products to market, financial management advice for the business and the preparation of managerial administration reports.

An energy business scorecard is also prepared each month, providing all the information on the main business indicators to guarantee proper business management.

Our team is designed to provide solutions for newly-founded marketing companies and active marketers enabling:

  • A highly qualified team from the beginning to manage all areas for the marketer or direct consumer
  • Cost savings, with a variable cost based on objectives
  • Time savings in project implementation, with expert professionals in all marketing phases
  • Having a strategic energy business partner with market insight and experience, increasing profitability

We advise electricity and gas marketing companies as an external agent, managing all value areas: we perform a prior profitability and economic feasibility analysis for the project, offer legal advice, market access management, passing the system operator technical training tests until completing the marketing licence.

We analyse and calculate the guarantees necessary for the market and system operator. We offer advice in the preparation of sale prices, necessary documentation (contracts, templates, etc.)

Our team helps to design an optimal business and operations strategy, and manage assets in the early marketing stages. We also provide consultancy for the energy business strategy for company management.

We enable outsourcing of the operations and back office department, taking over the daily prognosis tasks, OMIE purchasing, measurement management, third party access management to the network with the suppliers, invoicing and risk management control (OMIP/OTC coverage), among other services.

We also make our market intelligence services available to marketers, allowing management of: purchasing, risk management and processes engineering optimisation to achieve maximum profitability for the marketing company. We also deliver a monthly scorecard to management for marketing company control, facilitating managerial team administration, which sets forth the evolution of margins and the monthly profits made.