Energy purchasing management

We help to design streamlined energy purchasing management, based on energy market needs and the current situation.

To define streamlined purchasing management, the needs, advanced purchasing, planning and choice of energy supplier must be agreed. This all seeks to establish a strategy with the optimal balance between price and risk control.

Electricity, gas and CO2 energy contracting strategy (risk management)

We develop a personalised supply contracting strategy, which adjusts to each customer’s structure and allows electricity invoicing costs to be minimised, always managing the market risks, studying the existing products and acting as intermediaries when negotiating with the marketing companies.

The development of the contracting strategy is based on our own model, which allows us to offer each customer a full assurance that the best possible energy management results will be obtained.

The first step is to define an adequate supply strategy, adjusted to each company’s needs, analysing the different types of products existing on the market.

In accordance with the defined parameters, we study each type of product and their associated energy costs with official indices, estimating the impact of the changing markets on their income statement.

After a careful, in-depth analysis of the short- and long-term energy markets, we prepare the requirements for the supply tenders and coordinate negotiations for supply procurement with the energy companies. Our objective is to achieve, at all times, the best market offer.

Lastly, the strategy decision combining all the interests proposed by the customer is taken.

Electricity, gas and CO2 contracts negotiation

We oversee the negotiation of electricity contracts enabling time saving and prepare and send the request for offers to the marketing companies. After receiving all the offers, we follow the steps below:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the tenders received
  • Validation of the contractual clauses
  • Results report
  • Choice by the customer

Annual energy costs budget (Purchasing management / cost management)

For each customer, an annual energy plan must be prepared allowing advance knowledge of the annual costs. Budgeting the energy cost can be difficult to forecast for energy consumers.

We have developed an energy costs budget forecasting model. Using our own methodology, it calculates the proper forecast for the annual energy costs, thus preventing unforeseen circumstances.

Multiclick purchasing management or underwriting long- and short-term positions in the annual budget makes this a powerful tool, both for minimising and forecasting costs.

After defining the strategy and the annual energy plan, we are responsible for implementing the strategy on a daily basis. Our team of professionals is responsible, at all times, for keeping customers informed of the changes and implementations to ensure proper management.

Continuous market monitoring

We pay special attention to spot markets, futures markets, European electricity markets, gas markets and exchange rates, to be able to send a periodic report on energy markets and have all information necessary for decision-making.